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Below you will find a list of the tools that I own and use in my own shop – many of which are used in the Problem Sawed Woodworking YouTube channel. If a tool is listed below, I recommend using it.

Please click on any of the tools to go to a purchase page – the purchase page will show you all the specs of the tools and let you read other reviews. If you purchase using any of the links below, a very small commission will be paid to us for referring you to the tool. You DO NOT pay extra – you will pay the exact same amount if do the search yourself, but the commission helps us continue to bring you YouTube content (so we greatly appreciate it!).

Further below, you will find a list of tools that will get you started in woodworking for under $1,500. Yes – that’s a lot of money, but to get a start in a lifelong hobby that can also make you money, it’s a small investment.

My Tools

Start a Shop for under $1,500